27 Aug

About Us


Inzalo Creative Centre aims to assist small, medium to large organizations to embrace information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, in order to gain competitive edge.


To be a small to medium ICT solutions provider of choice, in South Africa and to render excellent services to its customers and share its benefits with its staff and the society.


To strive to deliver greatest value in our service, be considerate of our clients needs and create sustainable partnerships that delivers quality service.

Background History

Inzalo Creative Centre is a 100% black owned close corporation registered as required by law and originally formed by one member who is highly professional and with values. This close corporation was formed in the year 2009.

Main Priorities

The main priorities of Inzalo Creative Centre is to:

  • Work in conjunction with our clients towards a common goal;
  • Make our clients understand that they need to allow us a certain amount of creative freedom to produce the kind of Internet presence that produces results;
  • Provide Internet solutions for every business need, no matter how small or large;
  • Be decisive and getting things done right the first time;
  • Always treat our customers, business partners and colleagues with courtesy and respect;
  • Give maximum input, direction, guidance, focus and influence every project positively to ensure that it is beneficial to the client; and
  • To focus on security, uptime, reliability, design criteria and work with our clients to overcome their “business threatening” challenges.